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Matt W., Ph.D., Neuroscience

"Nicole's unique skills and training led to complete resolution of my headaches in fewer than 10 sessions. A feat that could not be accomplished by medical specialists in 33 years."
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Dr. Jennifer R.

“I’m an avid runner and a physician. I’ve had pretty much every lower body injury a runner can battle (plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, tendinitis, hamstring tear). Monthly sessions with Nicole have helped re-align my hips and kept me on the road. I don’t think I’d still be running if it wasn’t for her.”

Dr. Eric D.

“I am a retired orthopaedic surgeon who practiced orthopaedic surgery for 31 years. About a year ago, my wife and I requested the services of Nicole Ftacnik, a medical massage therapist, through the recommendation of an occupational therapist. She provided services for my wife for one hour twice a week for approximately ten months. My wife has post-stroke residuals on both the right and left sides, having had a stroke on the left initially; then on the right two years later, several years ago. Nicole initially took care of the pain and muscles spasms in her neck and upper back, and then later concentrated on stimulating the skin and muscles on the right side of her body which is her weaker side. We are extremely satisfied with the care Nicole provided. She was very gentle, reassuring, caring, and interacted well with my wife. She was also very reliable, was always on time, and was always in a good mood, and very professional. She communicated very well with my wife, who is an M.D. She was able to put her in a deep level of relaxation. Nicole was enjoyable during the sessions and showed that she knows what she is doing. She kept up-to-date, we noted, because she took time to attend a seminar on massage therapy during that period she was with us. We are very happy with the service she provided and would not hesitate to call her again.”

Arm Pain and Numbness from Jeremy W.

“Let me first say that I am a bit of skeptic when it comes to pretty much everything. I’m not a hypochondriac and I don’t run for help at the first sign of trouble with my health or anything else. A few months ago, however, I found myself looking for some sort of medical relief. I began experiencing numbness in my right arm when I looked up. It came with sharp pain and then complete numbness. I ignored it and hoped it would improve, but it just worsened. So what to do? Well, if I went to a primary care physician, they are required to send me to physical therapy regardless of the problem I might actually be experiencing. In some cases, physical therapy could actually make the problem worse. Ultimately, through much research and the recommendation of a co-worker, I made an appointment with Nicole. I let Nicole know what issues I was experiencing and she began to assess my alignment. I asked whether she thought she could help and she easily could have tried to sell me on lengthy, regular visits with no end. She did not do this; she explained that she thought she could correct my problem within a few visits. She concluded the first visit with clear expectations with what I may experience and also some recommendations on preventing further problems. In total, I saw Nicole four times. By the fourth visit, I had actually begun to forget I had a problem. I am floored at the impact of the sessions and will not hesitate to recommend Nicole to anyone else. In my opinion, anyone experiencing any misalignment or neuromuscular issue should visit Nicole before wasting time, money, and energy chasing some of the more traditional paths of one-size-fits-all medicine. Thank you so much for your help, Nicole.”

Neck Pain & Sinus Headache Testimonial from Susie B.

“Bless you, friend! This is the first morning in a long time that I haven’t awakened with some form of sinus headache. My neck is better, too. I will take it easy! Thank you!!!”

TMJ/TMD Testimonial from Kris F.

“After years of trying every kind of “cure” for my TMJ (botox, night guards, high priced specialty mouth wear, TMJ specialists, physical therapy, etc.), Nicole finally found me some relief. She absolutely knows what she’s doing and finds the root of the problem. Highly recommend.”

Inoperable Sports Injury Testimonial from Paula P.

“Nicole Ftacnik is simply the best medical massage therapist. Her magic fingers keep me painless and mobile. I have an inoperable sports injury in my neck/shoulder area. Nicole just knows exactly how to treat that. I do not need to give her any advice. She knows her thing. I recommend her to anyone needing medical massage. Also, she is funny, easy to talk with, and caring.”

Muscle Spasm Testimonial from Dr. Larry S.

“After several months of back spasms and related pain, my physician recommended that I see Nicole Ftacnik. She is a Certified Precision Neuromuscular Therapist, and I made an appointment with her. She began by LISTENING to my description of my symptoms, and then carefully developed a specific treatment of the affected areas. She then modified treatment as she saw my response to each appointment.

Unlike many therapists, she did not plug me into a “one-size-fits-all” regimen. After several weeks, my symptoms have gradually diminished, and my daily muscle spasms have stopped occurring. I have been most impressed by her thoughtful approach to treatment, and her genuine concern for a quick resolution to my problems. An enthusiastic 5-star recommendation – if you are having chronic muscle pain, see her as soon as you can.”

Injury Testimonial from Mark B.

“I’m impressed with Nicole’s knowledge of how the human body REALLY works. With all of the research I’ve done in the last three years combined with what I’ve had to deal with in order to get here, I believe I have found the person smart enough as well as willing enough to get me through my injury. Now I just hope I don’t screw it up. Lol.”

Sciatica Testimonial from Jason A.

“I had injured my hip while skateboarding about eight months before I started seeing Nicole. The constant and unbalanced overuse of the muscles in my leg and hip caused them to lock up on one side, and I started to have pain and limited mobility in my left leg. When the pain and immobility initially happened, I told myself “eh, I’ll probably be better in a week or two.” Boy was I wrong. My injury gradually worsened over time, and I started to experience full blown Sciatica, which rendered me bed ridden for days on end, taking pain killers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The pain in my leg and hip was so bad, I had to leave my friends wedding reception so I could go lay down in my car for an hour. The long term chronic pain was making me irritable and depressed because it was literally robbing me of life moments with friends and family. I spent eight months seeing various Doctors, Chiropractors, and Massage Therapists, and also gave Yoga a shot. When someone in my Yoga class noticed that I couldn’t even sit on a mat without groaning in pain, he referred me to Nicole. After a few sessions with Nicole, my pain started decreasing substantially and I was able to regain a lot of my lost mobility. After an eight month ordeal of seeing various specialists, Nicole was the first person who was able to set me back on track to actual recovery. I just now got back from spending the entire weekend down at the lake water skiing, and I thank Nicole for helping me live my life again.”


Baxter’s Nerve Compression Testimonial from Dave G.

“I am a life-long runner and currently a marathoner and recently completed my first ultra-marathon. As any runner knows, it’s not a matter of IF you will get hurt, but rather WHEN. Well, about a year ago I was completely side-lined with what was diagnosed as plantar fasciitis. After unsuccessful “normal” treatment, a specialist re-diagnosed my condition as Baxter’s Nerve Compression⎯a condition where a nerve is compressed in the inner ankle that mimics plantar fasciitis symptoms. This condition was diagnosed in part through a simple test where I wasn’t able to move my little pinky toe on the affected foot. Well, after about 3-4 sessions with Nicole, including some pretty intense work on the whole “system” from little toe up through calves, I have regained movement in the little toe and 95+% of my foot pain is gone! Thanks Nicole!”

“Magical” Testimonial from Karen T.

“Nicole’s ability to make pain, tight ligaments/tendons/muscles and aching muscles DISAPPEAR within minutes is Magical and a solution that leaves you better off than when you arrived. Her neuromuscular techniques are completely natural with no drugs and prevent future problems with posture, mobility, and neck and shoulder problems.”

“Miracle Worker” Testimonial from Gretchen T.

“Nicole is a miracle worker! When specialists and ER doctors couldn’t pinpoint the problem, Nicole did!”

Low Back Pain Testimonial from Tom M.

“I have had an apparent short leg for many years with lower back pain. I went to a chiropractor and other massage therapists but didn’t get any relief. Then I found Nicole’s site and an article on her site that had a study on a person with the same condition. I decided to give her a try. During the session, she explained to me that my condition was caused by a rotated hip, and her therapy would be able to align the pelvis and thereby make the legs equal length. Through her therapy, my pelvis has returned to its natural place and my legs are now the same length. She has also been able to help with lower back pain, sciatic pain, and neck and shoulder stiffness. She also helps veterans by giving a 20% discount. She is the only one in this area that advertises training in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy. She is personable and very professional, and I would recommend her to anyone without reservation.

Knee Pain Testimonial from Dale G.

“I had been dealing with a lot of knee pain over the last several years due to sports officiating. After my last visit to my orthopedic surgeon and his recommendation for a knee replacement, I decided to try and find a different solution to manage the pain I was having. I researched massage therapists on the Internet and found Nicole. I’ve had many body massages in the past, but Nicole was what I truly needed. She concentrates on the area that hurts during the appointment. When I first saw her, she worked on both knees and addressed my leg length issue. Nicole helped with giving me pain relief and more flexibility. I can’t even describe how much better I have felt since seing Nicole. She is excellent at what she does and I will continue to see her for years to come.”

Injury Testimonial from Mark B.

“When I first talked with Nicole on the phone, she impressed me with her knowledge of my particular injury and how she was going to address it during my first visit. I was having someone else work on me, but I felt the LMT had lost focus/interest in healing me up, so I knew it was time for a change. I just had no idea how much that change was going to be during the first visit. I felt like I was finally going to get past the first part of the injury, which the other therapist could not do. Her pleasant and professional attitude is refreshing considering what I have dealt with in the past. I actually feel that after 3 1/2 years of dealing with this injury (but only three months in Nicole’s care) that I am well on my way to getting back to having very little to no restrictions in life. I would recommend her to anyone that is dealing with pain or discomfort in their life. Plus, she is an absolute hoot to talk with, one of the funniest people I have met in years.”

Shoulder and Back Pain Testimonial from Warren M.

“Last year I was so sore with back and shoulder issues that I had to carry a bucket at work to sit on. I would work 15 minutes then would have to sit for a while. One leg seemed longer and caused me to compensate, and by noon, I was a mess. Fortunately, I own the company and did not get fired. Someone suggested Nicole, and within a few treatments, my leg and back were like new. We’ve been working on the shoulders now and they have vastly improved.”

Sciatica Testimonial from Dwight W.

“I had a bout of lower back pain that became my first full blown experience with Sciatica. Within three sessions, Nicole’s expertise and skill had diminished the symptoms and not only put me on the path to full recovery, but helped me understand how to prevent reoccurrence. I was able to get back on track to full mobility following the first session, and after the second, was able to participate in some very strenuous activity while on vacation with my children. Highly recommended! Thanks Nicole.”

Muscle Pain Testimonial from Aaron S.

“I do manual labor and always seem to have an injury of some kind. I’ve been seeing Nicole for awhile now, whenever I have had a major pain whether it be in my back, legs, or shoulders, she will fix it. She will study me, figure out the problem quickly and attack it. Nicole is thorough, professional and a pleasure to be around. I recommend her to anyone who has muscle pain and next time I hurt myself, I will make an appointment with her because I know after I see her, my pain will disappear.”

Back Strain Testimonial from Nate M.

“I work in agriculture. The work is physically demanding and, unlike exercise programs, it is not always possible to be in a good, stable position to do the work. Therefore, strains, pulls and other injuries are quite common. Occasionally injuries require treatment beyond what I can do myself. I strained something in my back earlier this year. The traditional medical treatment of steroids and muscle relaxers gave me some relief from the pain, but made me groggy and a danger to operate farm machinery. Traditional medicine also did nothing to address the causes of the injury. I came to Nicole because I believe in the efficacy of touch therapies. The techniques Nicole employs not only provide relief from the pain without impairing my ability to do my work, her treatments have allowed me to discern the underlying causes of the injuries and to help prevent future problems. Muscular injuries will always be an occupational hazard for me. It is a source of great reassurance to me to know Nicole is there to help undo what I have done to myself and to help me figure out what I did so I don’t do it again.”

R.I.P. Nate. You are missed!

After Back Surgery Testimonial from Debbie H.

“A co-worker of mine noticed that I was walking with a significant limp which had become very painful and was adversley affecting every facet of my life. I had back surgery three years prior and was reluctant to go back to the surgeon because I didn’t want to have another operation and miss work due to the recuperation timeframe. My friend recommended that I see Nicole because she had helped to realign her several times in the past. I was extremely skeptical because I have tried other types of therapy and many different drugs to relieve the pain but it only worked for a short period of time. During my first visit with Nicole, she was able to adjust my hip back into alignment and I was able to walk out of her office feeling like I was no longer “walking on a rolling pin.” Nicole has continued to work on various muscles that have caused me problems with the same fantastic results! Although my golf game hasn’t improved in any way, that is through no fault of Nicole’s. She has given me back the ability to walk and exercise and I am forever grateful to her!”

Corrects Muscle Imbalances Testimonial from Sharon Y.

“I just have to say that Nicole is a blessing from above. She really cares about helping people feel better. She takes her time to evaluate what’s wrong so that she can fix it. She doesn’t rub your shoulders so you feel better for a few hours. She actually corrects the muscle imbalances! Massage therapists like her are few and far between and I’ve tried MANY! Thank you Nicole!”

Groin Pain Testimonial from Andy T.

“I limped into Nicole’s office with extreme pain in my groin area fearing I had a hernia. After one hour of muscular massage, I was pain free and went home to work on a ladder for over two hours the same evening. I am still pain free a month later. Great job and amazing results.”

“Try This Before Surgery” Testimonial from Pete F.

“Excellent experience all around. I am already feeling a significant reduction in pain. I was really impressed with Ms. Ftacnik’s knowledge and scientific approach to neuromuscular massage, how she communicated what the process was clearly, and transparently, as well as the initial results. I have already recommended her to a good friend who suffers from back pain. Certainly try this before surgery, or any invasive treatment. It’s a little difficult to get an appointment, as she appears to be very much in demand, but I think it’s very well worth the wait. I’ve already booked a follow up.”

Pain Relief Testimonial from Joseph H.

“I have tried every form of pain relief, from hot stone therapy to Shiatsu massage, to alternative medicine and Chiropractic. None of these methods have been nearly as effective as my bi-monthly sessions with Mrs. Ftacnik. For the first time in years, after multiple surgeries, I am able to work, sit, and exercise with a genuine degree of comfort. For those with real pain looking for real relief, I highly recommend her as a therapist.”

Shoulder Pain Testimonial from Bob R.

“My shoulder was killing me. I couldn’t lift my arm above my head. Everything on the Internet indicated that I needed rotator cuff surgery. I went to Nicole for two sessions and I am completely healed. I feel like she saved me from surgery.”

Shoulder and Hip Pain Testimonial from Meredith M.

“I am a Sr. Paramedic and my job requires a lot of lifting, twisting, and bending, and as a result, I suffered with chronic shoulder and hip pain with a loss of range of motion. My discomfort was pure misery. I dreaded the morning because I knew I would hurt all day long and into the evening; I could not escape the pain. My only options, so I thought, were daily use of anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxers, and sleeping pills. Because thepain was unrelenting, my sleep was affected. It wasn’t until Nicole introduced me to NMT and with her skills and touch, she completely eliminated my discomfort. I can happily say that I am now pain free and have slept throughout the night. I no longer have to resort to a gamut of pharmaceuticals. I can’t thank her enough for giving me back my life… Thanks, Nicole!”

Neck and Shoulder Pain Testimonial from Mary D.

“For years I was having neck and shoulder pain. It was a daily occurrence and on some days it made my life miserable. I scheduled an appointment with Nicole, and within a couple of days after treatment, my neck and shoulder pain was gone… her techniques worked wonders for me! I’ve returned for other pain issues since with no complaints!”

Whiplash Testimonial from Connie C.

“My 9-year old daughter had a pretty bad fall on a trampoline and within hours she was in a lot of pain and couldn’t move her head. We went to the doctor and found out she had whiplash and that there wasn’t anything that could be done. I had heard of Neuromuscular Therapy from Nicole and we decided to give it a try. Needless to say, after two treatments, my daughter was pain free and had no problems moving her head in any direction!”

Neck, Low Back, and Arm Pain Testimonial from Mike L.

“I’m a Police Officer and sit in a car day-in and day-out. As a result, I started experiencing extreme low back, arm and neck pain. It was so bad that pain medication wasn’t making a difference in the way I felt. I went to see Nicole and I can say that her techniques are unsurpassed and I would refer her in a heartbeat!”

Shoulder Bursitis Testimonial from Ron W.

“I have suffered from shoulder pain for many years and would take up to 20 Advil a day in hopes of relieving my pain. It became so bad that I finally went to the doctor and was diagnosed with bursitis of the shoulder. Nicole is a friend of mine and she once told me that she may be able to help using this non-invasive treatment. I was skeptical at first, but decided to give it a try. After three treatments, I can honestly say that I no longer take any Advil and can resume normal activities with little to no pain!”

Calf Injury Testimonial from Paul H.

“I have been a runner for over 30 years. I love to run races and even at my age still like to run hard. I had a very bad calf injury that kept me from running for over a year. I had MRI’s, went to physical therapy, and visited every doctor I could find that might help me get back to running. Nothing got me back to running. After working with Nicole for a few months, I was able to start back running and now use Nicole to help my muscles handle the stress I put them under. I look forward to many more years of running again thanks to Nicole!!

Deep Tissue Massage Testimonial from Kemp S.

“I would like to express to anyone who is in need of a deep tissue massage that Nicole did a wonderful job for me. It was the first time that I experienced the wonderful pain that comes with the process. Thanks to her, it was not only bearable, but pleasurable.”

Calf Pain Testimonial from Tim H.

“I was training for the Boston Marathon and three weeks before the race I developed severe muscle pain in my left calf. I went to see Nicole and she identified the problem. A couple days later I was back on the road and able to complete the marathon without further incident. Nicole’s help allowed me to fulfill my goal!”

Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis Testimonial from Mike F.

“I’m an Ultra Marathon runner who runs distances ranging from 26.2 miles to 60 miles in length. After so many races, my body started failing me. Over time, my conditions worsened to a point where I developed plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis in both of my feet. After my first visit with Nicole, I felt an immediate difference. Today, I am running faster and stronger and I can even stand still without experiencing pain!”

“Severe Muscle Problems” Testimonial from Fernando C.

“I am a ‘seasoned’ runner, and even at my age I like to run every day and run hard. With that comes the occasional pain or tightness that we runners learn to cope with. However, recently I had experienced a very severe muscle problem in my lower-back, hip-area and buttocks, with some spasms as well. I could barely walk, sit or stand up straight. I went to see Nicole, who went out of her way to accommodate me on a Saturday morning slot to minimize my wait. She worked hard on the area, and was able to remove the spasms, allowing me to do the basic, daily activities and help my recovery. She even checked on me a few days later to see how I was doing. I’m now back running and I know that I can count on her in the future.”

Chronic Pain in Hip and Low Back Testimonial from Eric C.

“In just a few sessions, Nicole relieved chronic pain in my hip and lower back that no doctor, physical therapist, nor medication had been able to address for months. She is highly dedicated to making her patients feel better, using a natural approach that encourages the body to heal itself without drugs. And her personable manner and in-depth knowledge of PNMT make her a real pleasure to work with. I can’t recommend Nicole’s massage services highly enough!”

Facial Paralysis Testimonial from Tim J.

“I have facial paralysis, and Nicole has been able to relieve the tension in my face and neck muscles giving me more flexibility after just a couple of NMT treatments while incorporating intraoral work.”

Serious Pain Testimonial from Irene T.

“I just wanted to share the very good news of how beneficial Neuromuscular Therapy with Nicole has been for me. My story is that of sitting at a computer each work day (all day), which resulted in serious pain in my arms, hips, legs, and neck. I experienced pain much of the day and even had trouble sleeping due to the leg pains. After only two sessions, I had some real relief and I continue to return for maintenance when I feel those pains. I tell friends and family often about the very real help Nicole has given me… and I find that most people still do not know about the specialty of Neuromuscular Therapy. Those spa-type massages are lovely but they won’t make serious in-roads to accomplish muscular healing; this muscle work that Nicole does is so far above that level. Thank you so much for pursuing this field, Nicole… I would not have pain free days without your great skills!”

Lower Back Injury Testimonial from Josh M.

“Nicole has helped me tremendously with my lower back problems and got me back to working out as if I was in my twenties! I sustained a lower back injury a little over three years ago from a car accident. During the time since the accident I had seen numerous doctors, chiropractors, and massage therapists. After seeing her, I was able to get up in the morning without the aches and pains after the accident. I was able to go back to working out (e.g. running, lifting weights, playing basketball) and did not have to stretch for an hour a day or more to go about my business as normal. She is great at what she does and I would highly recommend her to any of my friends, family or strangers.”

Neck and Shoulder Pain Testimonial from Lynda S.

“I was enduring neck and shoulder pain for months mainly caused by the stress of taking care of my 86-year old mother who was very ill. I finally decided to take the time and go to Nicole. After three visits, my neck and shoulder pain along with my headaches disappeared. Then, last month while working in the yard, I pulled something in my back and was having pain sitting, standing and turning. Only two visits later, my pain decreased and a month later, my muscle pain vanished. I would highly recommend Nicole and have convinced my mom who is doing better, to set up an appointment for her headaches and neck pain.”

Leg, Knee, and Feet Pain Testimonial from Chris K.

“I have been a runner for years and struggled with a host of leg, knee and feet issues. I have tried Swedish massage and have been treated by a chiropractor with some relief in the past, but always had some issue flair up with higher mileage running. Also, my career as a police officer has me wearing heavy gear on a daily basis and has led to some back and shoulder problems. I was referred to Nicole by a friend and what a relief. I have had some regular sessions during my recent training for a marathon in October and my leg pains are completely gone, and my recovery afterwards is faster than it ever has been. My back and shoulder problems have subsided and I feel like I did 10 years ago before I started beating my body up. Nicole is great, and I am a huge advocate of Neuromuscular Therapy. Make an appointment and start feeling better!”

Stress Related Muscle Pain Testimonial from Kristen W.

“Nicole has been wonderful in helping me with my stress related muscle pain. I have suffered for years with muscle knots and spasms and she has been the only L.M.T. to actually relieve the pain and loss of movement I experience. She uses a more “medical” approach as opposed to the “spa” approach I usually receive. I highly recommend her!”

Herniated Disk Testimonial from Steve I.

“I have been fighting issues stemming from a seriously herniated disk in my lower back since 2004. I have been able to avoid surgery and I am currently completely pain free. Regular massage visits to Nicole has been a big part of both my recovery and preventive care. My hips, back, shoulders (well just about all of my muscles), are very tight and prone to being tied up in knots. I now believe that releasing these stresses through massage is one of the keys to keeping my body in balance, preventing future injuries. Besides, it feels pretty good too. Before my first visit to Nicole, one concern I had was whether a female therapist could apply enough pressure to loosen up my knotty muscles. I can assure you that she has the strength to do the job, while being sensitive to not apply too much pressure. I am most satisfied and am planning to continue my regular visits to Nicole in 2010.”

Lower Back Issues Testimonial from Terry S.

“Nicole is the consummate therapeutic professional. She helped me get through some significant lower back issues very quickly.”

Chronic Pain Testimonial from D. Sangeeta

“Nicole is an awesome Neuromuscular Massage Therapist. She has helped me in many ways – chronic pain that went away because of her massage treatments. This approach is a safe and natural way to heal. I would recommend her to anyone.”

“Decades Old Injuries” Testimonial from Chris H.

“As a long time consumer of many different types of physical therapy, my feeling is that Nicole is a cut above what I have experienced in many places. First is the caring. Then the attention to detail and the great attitude. Then there is the skill level which is most excellent. NMT seems like a big step forward in the world of physical therapy and through working with Nicole, I hope to learn more about how to stay aligned and use my body in the most effective way. Many years ago, I was thrown some distance by a post hole digging machine, just one event in a list of construction and not so smart sporting related injuries that never healed correctly. I wish NMT and Nicole had been around then. It feels like I am making progress even with decades old injuries. Thank you, Nicole.”

Shoulder, Lower Back, and Knee Problems Testimonial from Gordon M.

“After playing sports for many years I have developed chronic lower back, shoulder and knee problems. My flexibility in my shoulders was very limited and to play golf I had to take Advil because of the pain. After just two sessions I feel a huge difference and am able to play golf without any pain relievers. Nicole is the real thing, a true Neuromuscular Therapist. She is able to isolate the painful areas and treat them with a medical approach. Her techniques and treatment procedures are excellent. I will recommend Nicole to all my friends and family.”

Painful Neck and Leg Tension Testimonial from Chuck R.

“Nicole has relieved the painful tension in my neck and leg that I have had for over 30 years. I can now drive without my leg hurting, and my posture is getting back to normal. My wife, Kathy, had neck pain for years and Nicole fixed her as well. We are very grateful for Nicole’s therapeutic technique and highly recommend her. She is very talented and professional.”

R.I.P. Chuck. You are missed!

“One of the Best” Testimonial from Tony S.

“Over the years, I have seen several deep tissue massage therapists and I rate Nicole as one of the best I have worked with; very professional; extremely competent in her field; and, provides great value. Nicole will make every effort to work around your schedule in order to provide therapy when you actually need it. Overall, I would highly recommend her for anyone who needs deep tissue massage work.”

Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain Testimonial from Beth D.

“I received relief from chronic neck and shoulder pain following treatment by Nicole which I was not able to achieve with chiropractic care alone. I highly recommend her services.”

“Get Back to a Functioning Lifestyle” Testimonial from Tom O.

“Nicole is very knowledgeable in her trade and was very instrumental in me being able to get back to a functioning lifestyle. She is very professional and a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone.”