Neck and Shoulder Pain Testimonial from Mary D.

“For years I was having neck and shoulder pain. It was a daily occurrence and on some days it made my life miserable. I scheduled an appointment with Nicole, and within a couple of days after treatment, my neck and shoulder pain was gone… her techniques worked wonders for me! I’ve returned for other pain issues since with no complaints!”

Neck, Low Back, and Arm Pain Testimonial from Mike L.

“I’m a Police Officer and sit in a car day-in and day-out. As a result, I started experiencing extreme low back, arm and neck pain. It was so bad that pain medication wasn’t making a difference in the way I felt. I went to see Nicole and I can say that her techniques are unsurpassed and I would refer her in a heartbeat!”

Serious Pain Testimonial from Irene T.

“I just wanted to share the very good news of how beneficial Neuromuscular Therapy with Nicole has been for me. My story is that of sitting at a computer each work day (all day), which resulted in serious pain in my arms, hips, legs, and neck. I experienced pain much of the day and even had trouble sleeping due to the leg pains. After only two sessions, I had some real relief and I continue to return for maintenance when I feel those pains. I tell friends and family often about the very real help Nicole has given me… and I find that most people still do not know about the specialty of Neuromuscular Therapy. Those spa-type massages are lovely but they won’t make serious in-roads to accomplish muscular healing; this muscle work that Nicole does is so far above that level. Thank you so much for pursuing this field, Nicole… I would not have pain free days without your great skills!”

Neck and Shoulder Pain Testimonial from Lynda S.

“I was enduring neck and shoulder pain for months mainly caused by the stress of taking care of my 86-year old mother who was very ill. I finally decided to take the time and go to Nicole. After three visits, my neck and shoulder pain along with my headaches disappeared. Then, last month while working in the yard, I pulled something in my back and was having pain sitting, standing and turning. Only two visits later, my pain decreased and a month later, my muscle pain vanished. I would highly recommend Nicole and have convinced my mom who is doing better, to set up an appointment for her headaches and neck pain.”