Low Back Pain Testimonial from Tom M.

“I have had an apparent short leg for many years with lower back pain. I went to a chiropractor and other massage therapists but didn’t get any relief. Then I found Nicole’s site and an article on her site that had a study on a person with the same condition. I decided to give her a try. During the session, she explained to me that my condition was caused by a rotated hip, and her therapy would be able to align the pelvis and thereby make the legs equal length. Through her therapy, my pelvis has returned to its natural place and my legs are now the same length. She has also been able to help with lower back pain, sciatic pain, and neck and shoulder stiffness. She also helps veterans by giving a 20% discount. She is the only one in this area that advertises training in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy. She is personable and very professional, and I would recommend her to anyone without reservation.

Sciatica Testimonial from Dwight W.

“I had a bout of lower back pain that became my first full blown experience with Sciatica. Within three sessions, Nicole’s expertise and skill had diminished the symptoms and not only put me on the path to full recovery, but helped me understand how to prevent reoccurrence. I was able to get back on track to full mobility following the first session, and after the second, was able to participate in some very strenuous activity while on vacation with my children. Highly recommended! Thanks Nicole.”

Neck, Low Back, and Arm Pain Testimonial from Mike L.

“I’m a Police Officer and sit in a car day-in and day-out. As a result, I started experiencing extreme low back, arm and neck pain. It was so bad that pain medication wasn’t making a difference in the way I felt. I went to see Nicole and I can say that her techniques are unsurpassed and I would refer her in a heartbeat!”

“Severe Muscle Problems” Testimonial from Fernando C.

“I am a ‘seasoned’ runner, and even at my age I like to run every day and run hard. With that comes the occasional pain or tightness that we runners learn to cope with. However, recently I had experienced a very severe muscle problem in my lower-back, hip-area and buttocks, with some spasms as well. I could barely walk, sit or stand up straight. I went to see Nicole, who went out of her way to accommodate me on a Saturday morning slot to minimize my wait. She worked hard on the area, and was able to remove the spasms, allowing me to do the basic, daily activities and help my recovery. She even checked on me a few days later to see how I was doing. I’m now back running and I know that I can count on her in the future.”

Chronic Pain in Hip and Low Back Testimonial from Eric C.

“In just a few sessions, Nicole relieved chronic pain in my hip and lower back that no doctor, physical therapist, nor medication had been able to address for months. She is highly dedicated to making her patients feel better, using a natural approach that encourages the body to heal itself without drugs. And her personable manner and in-depth knowledge of PNMT make her a real pleasure to work with. I can’t recommend Nicole’s massage services highly enough!”