Sciatica Testimonial from Jason A.

“I had injured my hip while skateboarding about eight months before I started seeing Nicole. The constant and unbalanced overuse of the muscles in my leg and hip caused them to lock up on one side, and I started to have pain and limited mobility in my left leg. When the pain and immobility initially happened, I told myself “eh, I’ll probably be better in a week or two.” Boy was I wrong. My injury gradually worsened over time, and I started to experience full blown Sciatica, which rendered me bed ridden for days on end, taking pain killers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The pain in my leg and hip was so bad, I had to leave my friends wedding reception so I could go lay down in my car for an hour. The long term chronic pain was making me irritable and depressed because it was literally robbing me of life moments with friends and family. I spent eight months seeing various Doctors, Chiropractors, and Massage Therapists, and also gave Yoga a shot. When someone in my Yoga class noticed that I couldn’t even sit on a mat without groaning in pain, he referred me to Nicole. After a few sessions with Nicole, my pain started decreasing substantially and I was able to regain a lot of my lost mobility. After an eight month ordeal of seeing various specialists, Nicole was the first person who was able to set me back on track to actual recovery. I just now got back from spending the entire weekend down at the lake water skiing, and I thank Nicole for helping me live my life again.”


Muscle Pain Testimonial from Aaron S.

“I do manual labor and always seem to have an injury of some kind. I’ve been seeing Nicole for awhile now, whenever I have had a major pain whether it be in my back, legs, or shoulders, she will fix it. She will study me, figure out the problem quickly and attack it. Nicole is thorough, professional and a pleasure to be around. I recommend her to anyone who has muscle pain and next time I hurt myself, I will make an appointment with her because I know after I see her, my pain will disappear.”

Serious Pain Testimonial from Irene T.

“I just wanted to share the very good news of how beneficial Neuromuscular Therapy with Nicole has been for me. My story is that of sitting at a computer each work day (all day), which resulted in serious pain in my arms, hips, legs, and neck. I experienced pain much of the day and even had trouble sleeping due to the leg pains. After only two sessions, I had some real relief and I continue to return for maintenance when I feel those pains. I tell friends and family often about the very real help Nicole has given me… and I find that most people still do not know about the specialty of Neuromuscular Therapy. Those spa-type massages are lovely but they won’t make serious in-roads to accomplish muscular healing; this muscle work that Nicole does is so far above that level. Thank you so much for pursuing this field, Nicole… I would not have pain free days without your great skills!”

Leg, Knee, and Feet Pain Testimonial from Chris K.

“I have been a runner for years and struggled with a host of leg, knee and feet issues. I have tried Swedish massage and have been treated by a chiropractor with some relief in the past, but always had some issue flair up with higher mileage running. Also, my career as a police officer has me wearing heavy gear on a daily basis and has led to some back and shoulder problems. I was referred to Nicole by a friend and what a relief. I have had some regular sessions during my recent training for a marathon in October and my leg pains are completely gone, and my recovery afterwards is faster than it ever has been. My back and shoulder problems have subsided and I feel like I did 10 years ago before I started beating my body up. Nicole is great, and I am a huge advocate of Neuromuscular Therapy. Make an appointment and start feeling better!”

Painful Neck and Leg Tension Testimonial from Chuck R.

“Nicole has relieved the painful tension in my neck and leg that I have had for over 30 years. I can now drive without my leg hurting, and my posture is getting back to normal. My wife, Kathy, had neck pain for years and Nicole fixed her as well. We are very grateful for Nicole’s therapeutic technique and highly recommend her. She is very talented and professional.”

R.I.P. Chuck. You are missed!