Knee Pain Testimonial from Dale G.

“I had been dealing with a lot of knee pain over the last several years due to sports officiating. After my last visit to my orthopedic surgeon and his recommendation for a knee replacement, I decided to try and find a different solution to manage the pain I was having. I researched massage therapists on the Internet and found Nicole. I’ve had many body massages in the past, but Nicole was what I truly needed. She concentrates on the area that hurts during the appointment. When I first saw her, she worked on both knees and addressed my leg length issue. Nicole helped with giving me pain relief and more flexibility. I can’t even describe how much better I have felt since seing Nicole. She is excellent at what she does and I will continue to see her for years to come.”

Leg, Knee, and Feet Pain Testimonial from Chris K.

“I have been a runner for years and struggled with a host of leg, knee and feet issues. I have tried Swedish massage and have been treated by a chiropractor with some relief in the past, but always had some issue flair up with higher mileage running. Also, my career as a police officer has me wearing heavy gear on a daily basis and has led to some back and shoulder problems. I was referred to Nicole by a friend and what a relief. I have had some regular sessions during my recent training for a marathon in October and my leg pains are completely gone, and my recovery afterwards is faster than it ever has been. My back and shoulder problems have subsided and I feel like I did 10 years ago before I started beating my body up. Nicole is great, and I am a huge advocate of Neuromuscular Therapy. Make an appointment and start feeling better!”

Shoulder, Lower Back, and Knee Problems Testimonial from Gordon M.

“After playing sports for many years I have developed chronic lower back, shoulder and knee problems. My flexibility in my shoulders was very limited and to play golf I had to take Advil because of the pain. After just two sessions I feel a huge difference and am able to play golf without any pain relievers. Nicole is the real thing, a true Neuromuscular Therapist. She is able to isolate the painful areas and treat them with a medical approach. Her techniques and treatment procedures are excellent. I will recommend Nicole to all my friends and family.”