Supporting Those Whom Support Me

This post really has nothing to do with PNMT, but I have a client who supports me—I have treated all in his family but one—and I want to show him and his family my gratitude by supporting them as well.

His name is Paul Smith and he had a book published this year! The name of the book is Lead With A Story: A Guide To Crafting Business Narratives That Captivate, Convince, And Inspire. It shows the reader how to use the power of storytelling to navigate 21 of the most common challenges business leaders face, based on interviews with over 75 CEOs and executives at dozens of companies around the world.

Paul is about to embark on his first (and only) public book signing in Cincinnati, OH. If you are in the area and this subject matter is of interest to you, please support him as well by stopping by.

Cincinnati Barnes & Noble
7800 Montgomery Road
Thursday, August 9th

Congrats, Paul! 🙂