Herniated Disk Testimonial from Steve I.

“I have been fighting issues stemming from a seriously herniated disk in my lower back since 2004. I have been able to avoid surgery and I am currently completely pain free. Regular massage visits to Nicole has been a big part of both my recovery and preventive care. My hips, back, shoulders (well just about all of my muscles), are very tight and prone to being tied up in knots. I now believe that releasing these stresses through massage is one of the keys to keeping my body in balance, preventing future injuries. Besides, it feels pretty good too. Before my first visit to Nicole, one concern I had was whether a female therapist could apply enough pressure to loosen up my knotty muscles. I can assure you that she has the strength to do the job, while being sensitive to not apply too much pressure. I am most satisfied and am planning to continue my regular visits to Nicole in 2010.”