I work as a Licensed Massage Therapist; considered a “limited branch of the practice of medicine” in the State of Ohio. I also work as a Certified Precision Neuromuscular Therapist; PNMT certified.

To do so, I had to complete an 18-month program at the COMTA certified Cincinnati School of Medical Massage. I graduated from there in 2007, and earned my LMT licensure and started my practice in early 2008.

Due to being passionate about helping people the way I was helped via Precision Neuromuscular Therapy, I chose to complete the following PNMT seminars. In addition, the required written and practical exams, and research project. I became PNMT certified in 2010.

To further my knowledge, I completed an Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy for TMJ Pain and Dysfunction seminar, which allows me to treat TMJ Dysfunction intraorally as well as externally. (On a side note, I will need a prescription from your doctor to do intraoral work if you have ever been diagnosed with TMD.)

Furthermore, a Precision Neural Mobilization seminar and a distance education course on Whiplash.

Finally, for existing and potential clients who have or have had cancer, I also completed Cancer and Massage Therapy: Essential Contraindications Part I and Cancer and Massage Therapy: Treatments Part II.