After Back Surgery Testimonial from Debbie H.

“A co-worker of mine noticed that I was walking with a significant limp which had become very painful and was adversley affecting every facet of my life. I had back surgery three years prior and was reluctant to go back to the surgeon because I didn’t want to have another operation and miss work due to the recuperation timeframe. My friend recommended that I see Nicole because she had helped to realign her several times in the past. I was extremely skeptical because I have tried other types of therapy and many different drugs to relieve the pain but it only worked for a short period of time. During my first visit with Nicole, she was able to adjust my hip back into alignment and I was able to walk out of her office feeling like I was no longer “walking on a rolling pin.” Nicole has continued to work on various muscles that have caused me problems with the same fantastic results! Although my golf game hasn’t improved in any way, that is through no fault of Nicole’s. She has given me back the ability to walk and exercise and I am forever grateful to her!”