Arm Pain and Numbness from Jeremy W.

“Let me first say that I am a bit of skeptic when it comes to pretty much everything. I’m not a hypochondriac and I don’t run for help at the first sign of trouble with my health or anything else. A few months ago, however, I found myself looking for some sort of medical relief. I began experiencing numbness in my right arm when I looked up. It came with sharp pain and then complete numbness. I ignored it and hoped it would improve, but it just worsened. So what to do? Well, if I went to a primary care physician, they are required to send me to physical therapy regardless of the problem I might actually be experiencing. In some cases, physical therapy could actually make the problem worse. Ultimately, through much research and the recommendation of a co-worker, I made an appointment with Nicole. I let Nicole know what issues I was experiencing and she began to assess my alignment. I asked whether she thought she could help and she easily could have tried to sell me on lengthy, regular visits with no end. She did not do this; she explained that she thought she could correct my problem within a few visits. She concluded the first visit with clear expectations with what I may experience and also some recommendations on preventing further problems. In total, I saw Nicole four times. By the fourth visit, I had actually begun to forget I had a problem. I am floored at the impact of the sessions and will not hesitate to recommend Nicole to anyone else. In my opinion, anyone experiencing any misalignment or neuromuscular issue should visit Nicole before wasting time, money, and energy chasing some of the more traditional paths of one-size-fits-all medicine. Thank you so much for your help, Nicole.”