Shoulder and Back Pain Testimonial from Warren M.

“Last year I was so sore with back and shoulder issues that I had to carry a bucket at work to sit on. I would work 15 minutes then would have to sit for a while. One leg seemed longer and caused me to compensate, and by noon, I was a mess. Fortunately, I own the company and did not get fired. Someone suggested Nicole, and within a few treatments, my leg and back were like new. We’ve been working on the shoulders now and they have vastly improved.”

Sciatica Testimonial from Dwight W.

“I had a bout of lower back pain that became my first full blown experience with Sciatica. Within three sessions, Nicole’s expertise and skill had diminished the symptoms and not only put me on the path to full recovery, but helped me understand how to prevent reoccurrence. I was able to get back on track to full mobility following the first session, and after the second, was able to participate in some very strenuous activity while on vacation with my children. Highly recommended! Thanks Nicole.”

Muscle Pain Testimonial from Aaron S.

“I do manual labor and always seem to have an injury of some kind. I’ve been seeing Nicole for awhile now, whenever I have had a major pain whether it be in my back, legs, or shoulders, she will fix it. She will study me, figure out the problem quickly and attack it. Nicole is thorough, professional and a pleasure to be around. I recommend her to anyone who has muscle pain and next time I hurt myself, I will make an appointment with her because I know after I see her, my pain will disappear.”

Back Strain Testimonial from Nate M.

“I work in agriculture. The work is physically demanding and, unlike exercise programs, it is not always possible to be in a good, stable position to do the work. Therefore, strains, pulls and other injuries are quite common. Occasionally injuries require treatment beyond what I can do myself. I strained something in my back earlier this year. The traditional medical treatment of steroids and muscle relaxers gave me some relief from the pain, but made me groggy and a danger to operate farm machinery. Traditional medicine also did nothing to address the causes of the injury. I came to Nicole because I believe in the efficacy of touch therapies. The techniques Nicole employs not only provide relief from the pain without impairing my ability to do my work, her treatments have allowed me to discern the underlying causes of the injuries and to help prevent future problems. Muscular injuries will always be an occupational hazard for me. It is a source of great reassurance to me to know Nicole is there to help undo what I have done to myself and to help me figure out what I did so I don’t do it again.”

R.I.P. Nate. You are missed!

After Back Surgery Testimonial from Debbie H.

“A co-worker of mine noticed that I was walking with a significant limp which had become very painful and was adversley affecting every facet of my life. I had back surgery three years prior and was reluctant to go back to the surgeon because I didn’t want to have another operation and miss work due to the recuperation timeframe. My friend recommended that I see Nicole because she had helped to realign her several times in the past. I was extremely skeptical because I have tried other types of therapy and many different drugs to relieve the pain but it only worked for a short period of time. During my first visit with Nicole, she was able to adjust my hip back into alignment and I was able to walk out of her office feeling like I was no longer “walking on a rolling pin.” Nicole has continued to work on various muscles that have caused me problems with the same fantastic results! Although my golf game hasn’t improved in any way, that is through no fault of Nicole’s. She has given me back the ability to walk and exercise and I am forever grateful to her!”